Waking up at 2 pm, I decided to step out of my man cave and head over to a Myongdong Starbucks to get work done. I was feeling the result of my 5 am working session last night, so I took a quick shower and put on my fresh button up and cargos for my mission today. I snapped a quick selfie for bae, grabbed my backpack, and headed out towards Seoul station.

At this point, I made a pimp decision to not wear my glasses today. I was looking fresh and I didn’t want to waste that freshness on my usual 4 eyes look. So I stepped out the door without my glasses. (Actually, I just put them in one of my cargo pockets.)

I trotted over to Seoul station like a straight boss. Walking with my chest up and head high while passing up all kinds of Koreans on my way to the station. In my mind, I was living in a movie. Turning heads and getting winks from all the 30-year-old Korean ladies. I walked through the LotteMart to the parking lot and approached my first issue. I saw a blurry yellow pole and a security guard at the walkthrough area. He is probably going to tell me to walk around to get to the subway station. So I slowed down, looked both ways (to see if anyone was watching me) and pulled out my glasses. After putting those pieces of glass on my face I felt dumb. It was just some push-cart worker wearing an orange vest and a random parking pole that was getting me scared. Damnit.

So I hit the corner of the walkthrough and quickly took off my glasses to make sure no one saw me. I raced over and down the escalators, passing up some random Japanese guy holding a LARGE Korean flag.

At this point I noticed more people staring at me. Of course, this only boosted my confidence level. I must’ve zoomed all the way to the 4 line before I noticed I couldn’t read the directions of the subway.

Which side should I be on?

Will I be dumb enough to get on the wrong subway?

Thats when I took out my glasses again in order to read the directions right in front of me. At this point I gave up and decided to keep them on. I wasn’t looking cooler without them, I was probably looking dumber because I kept taking them out.

For days like these, I think its time to invest in a good pair of contacts. Ironically there is a billboard for Accuview contacts at the subway stop. These photoshopped ass Korean girls look good wearing their photoshopped ass contacts. Maybe I’ll get a pair. Otherwise I’ll continue to look like a fool.

Stay frosty my friends!