Now I’m not the smartest person in the world, but always wondered why McDonald’s never sold chicken. Today I finally got my hands on an official Mcdonald’s chicken wing and man-It was BOMB.COM.


The StoryMcdonalds Chicken Wing in China

I understand the competition is tough with KFC, Churches, Louisiana, my moma’s home cooking in the mix, but today I discovered the greatest thing to never hit the U.S. Market. You can own your own VC and startup, but it won’t compare to these goodies. Today I was too lazy to leave the apartment, so I did a real American thing and ordered from the only “American” restaurant in town: McDonalds.  I can’t read Chinese, so while I was ordering on Taobao, my lazy ass always chooses the best-looking picture. Ironically I always end up choosing the Big Mac meal and a small Sprite.


But today was different. Today I noticed an item that I never tried before. I’ve lived my whole life munching on those perfectly cut and salted fries but, never have seen something like this. I saw a 2-piece chicken option for 10 Yuan. That’s the equivalent of getting 2 pieces of chicken for $1.25. The hell with being healthy!


When it finally arrived, I didn’t get my hopes up. I mean its McDonald’s and most of their food tastes like processed plastic anyways, but when I opened the bag and reached for this larger sized hash brown bag. I took one bite and I was hooked! Not only did it have the perfect crunch, it had this pepper kick that can only be explained as a Cajun LSD high. This chicken was bomb!


I literally left NO MEAT on that bone.Invest in Chicken

I know when Mcdonalds starts selling this in America, everyone will flip! Instead of ordering 5 of those dry ass, one pickle, mayo-filled chicken sandwiches, everyone will start to order 10 pieces of chicken for the same price. I’m telling you, invest your money now!

I do not endorse Mcdonalds as their food kills people. But I’m dieing slowly anyways, so let me try another one.

*Side note, they have some high quality ketchup packets out here. I feel like royalty opening these!