Some people claim it was a publicity stunt, while others have praised the Kardashian for being strong through her time of need. All we do know is Kim Kardashian was bound, gagged, and robbed for over $11 million dollars worth of jewelry in Paris on October 3rd. 5 armed men dressed in police officer uniforms requested they be shown Kim’s room and proceeded to rob the reality star. She returned home to NYC and quote “blamed herself” for the incident. She blamed herself for showing off the $4 million ring, that was also stolen, so much on Snapchat.

Seems kind of fishy to me. Particularly because she doesn’t want the ring to be replaced and so much of the evidence is being barred from sources such as TMZ recently. Read the full article over on People Magazine to get answers to some of the most appealing questions such as:

Why wasn’t the bodyguard there?
How did the robbers get in?
How did she manage to escape?
Who else was in the hotel with her?
How did the robbers know where she was?
What will happen with her jewelry?
Will Kanye cancel his tour?
Where were her kids?
What was her family doing?
And more.

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UPDATES: October 10,2016

The robbers who who got away seems to have dropped a piece of jewelry that can aid police in this investigation. A diamond cross necklace was turned in by a good sumaratain (a crazy one in my opinion), worth an estimated $33,000. French authorities are trying to gather DNA evidence from the item in hopes of generating a lead. See the recently posted video from TMZ for details.