taye diggs trending

Taye Diggs is trending right now on Twitter.

But wait! Don’t go and search for the reason “Why” just yet. Just think about it.

Taye Diggs is a semi-famous B-List celebrity who is constantly being butchered on social media by men. Primarily because he didn’t get at Nia Long in the Best Man. Dude is trippin.’ But Taye is also seen as the prototypical man in women’s eyes. I am not sure why, but I’ll leave the reasoning to my women readers.

The only reason this man would be trending today is if he:

  1. (heaven forbid) died,
  2. was casted in the new Star Wars movie, or
  3. if he posted a viral image/video on social media.

If you guessed the lather you are right.

Taye Diggs Posted this on his Instagram Story today: