Meals on Wheels Food Quality is a Joke

Here’s an interesting story that slid on my radar while I was on Facebook. Robert Ficano, an executive from Wayne County was the subject a recent report investigation about the quality of Meals on Wheels’ food. Watch the video below for the full story, but basically tax dollars are being spent on nice buildings, company lunches, and severance payments instead of on our senior citizens. The reporter shows that the quality of food has suffered DRASTICALLY after Meals on Wheels changed food suppliers. The program’s funding was cut about $183,000 and the food that was once warm and freshly made in Detroit was now being sourced from another company in Mississippi. Their specialty: prison food.

Just look at the food we are providing for our senior citizens. It looks like a bunch of mush that really has no color. 

This opens up the door to ask…what is our tax dollars really being spent on? It sure as hell is not being spent properly. I think yes it’s important to invest in nice buildings and nice company lunches at times, but when your solution is to cut corners on services that help the elderly, then I have a problem with that. See the Fox 2 report below.