The Story

That wet-dry smell of damp clothing is killing me. Believe me its not a great mix in this hot and humid weather of Beijing. I’m a Cali native. I enjoy sunshine and 78 degree weather all year long.

Camo Tee from Decathlon
Camo Tee from Decathlon I was wearing this day.

But regardless, I’m sweating bullets! I’m legit leaving sweat stains on my large camo t-shirt from Decathlon. After waiting 7 min for the bus I finally push my way into the filled bus. As soon as I get on, I try to understand why all the lights are off and everyone looks as if they are headed to a funeral. I will soon find out why they were hiding their faces.

I quickly grabbed a seat next to a skinny old man who had problems sitting next to a foreigner. He instantly moved his leg away from me as if contact with him would cause damage to his reputation. I didn’t care, I just continued trying to connect with my A-Grade piece of sh*t VPN that can never be trusted when I need it.


The Struggle

Old Chinese Lady in China on a Moped
This lady is PUSHIN’ on her moped! Don’t get in her way!

Then all of a sudden I got a great whiff of what can be described as condensed rat juice. Some guy stepped on the bus with a light grey t-shirt with more wrinkles than socially acceptable. But the smell was so strong, I had to turn my head a couple of times to confirm the realness of the odor. I was surprised that not that many people took notice of this situation.

To make matters worse, the bus driver went on a horn rampage that consisted of long 8-10 second honks that scared more people on the bus than off the bus. I guess some old lady’s riding on a scooter were riding on the bus lane and wouldn’t pull over to let the bus pass. Old lady’s in Asia are goonish. God bless old ladies