Frames Dean & The Sunsetters by Alexander Mac Review

Album Originally Released on January 5, 2017



Menlo P (01:41)
Loaded (02:24)
Loaded (Reprise) (01:20)
Second Line (01:43)
Gentleman’s Lament (03:13)
Butter (03:00)

My homeboy hit me up on IG and wanted me to check out Alexander Mac’s most recent album Frames Dean & The Sunsetters. I didn’t know what to expect going into the album listen, but I found a couple of promos on Insta that sounded like the track hit. So I google searched for the album and it took me to band camp.

Menlo P – The 808s are lit! This track is kind of short but the fluidness and Bone Thugs N Harmony type vocals make this a banger. Would have loved if this was extended with another verse and continued melody. Maybe Mac is holding out on the good stuff.

Loaded – “Getting Drunk and Faded” melody has a nice vibe to it. Gives off a Kid Cudi type feel. The beat on this one feels good on the ears. But so far I’d want to hear these tracks extended, they are so good.

Loaded (Reprise) – Haha! FaceTime audio intro. This track is a little more trap than the previous two. But still has the nice melody to it, probably building off the last track. No way, it cut off early! Probably artists choice, but that was dope.

Second Line – This is the type of song that plays in the background on Spotify after your playlist finishes. Its a smooth listen, but still has that nice bass melody. It also cut off early, so I assume this album is full of teasers for a larger product coming up. Look out for it.

Gentlemen’s Lament – He came out with some fire! Probably my favorite track on the whole album. The vocals have a Travis Scott sound, with different sections coming from different directions on my speakers. Flow is on point. This is definitely the track for radio play. Mac has the dope melodies again. Yeah man, need to extend that one for sure for sure.

Butter – This is definitely a cali cruising track. I’m feeling the sunshine vibes right now. “We on, we on, the road!”

Overall: This album had a nice Kid Cudi/Travis Scott type feel to it. Hard bangers and clean vocals made this one of the dopest indie albums I heard in a while. Especially since Mac is coming out of LA, we had to show him some love. Gentlemen’s Lament was my favorite track on the album. Great use of vocal work and drum play on the beat. The whole album sounds like a teaser because every track ends abruptly, making me want to hear more. Another verse or two on these dope beats would be great to hear. Shout out to Alexander Mac on his Frames Dean & The Sunsetters Album. Check him out on social media and stream it for yourself (or on bandcamp above).

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