Famous Dex Caught Beating His Girlfriend on Camera


Famous Dex is in the news again, but not for dropping his new mixtape Dexter The Robot, but instead for spousal abuse. He was caught on camera beating his girlfriend, the video is below. Now none of these claims have been confirmed, but it was likely due to his girl cheating on him or her stealing. This looks bad for Dex and after this incident, I’m not sure any amount of apologizing in the world can help me get back into his music. He for sure will lose his sponsorship deal with Puma after this incident. I wish him and his girl well.

Read the full story over at XXL: http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2016/09/famous-dex-beats-girlfriend/

Bro…. Tell me this ain’t what I think it is….. I was sent this video … They claim its rapper #famousdex giving a female the BEATS. 😞… Thoughts ?

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