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#FridayJamSessions August 12, 2016

  1. Sundays at Church – MEEM.O
  2. On Some Bullshit – PacmanPlayball
  3. Fucc Y’all – PacmanPlayball
  4. Alpha Omega – King Gaya
  5. Dem Boyz – Boyz N Da Hood (Ft. Young Jeezy)
  6. No Shopping ft. Drake –  French Montana
  7. Doubt It – SuperDuperKyle
  8. She Don’t Know – Samuel Green
  9. Wild Girls – Serioso ft. SB Da King
  10. Take A Pay Cut – MEEM.O
  11. Dreaded Fist – Rascalz
  12. Voicemails (Remix) – MR.VIKZ, RJ Beats
  13. No Shopping (Remix) – MR.VIKZ, RJ Beats
  14. BEAM!!! (Produced by Negative) – Florence the Infinite
  15. Juice (Cover) – Temporary Whatever/Busdriverse
  16. Just a Commentary – MEEM.O

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Artists Featured


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King Gaya

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After the the release of his debut album “Blunt Culture” last year which was an amazing piece of work, the Gifted King of style and BARz Records artist “King Gaya” is back with his new track titled “Alpha Omega” of his next project “Series of Sess!ons II” which is set to drop later this month. Rumor has it that the “Jagz Nation” boss “Jesse Jagz god on the mic” has his sight set on signing this prolific act.

Title: Alpha Omega.

Artist: King Gaya.

Label: BARz Records

*note: release date: August 1 2016


Boyz N Da Hood

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French Montana ft. Drake

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produced by @ayoayo.

add. vocals by @keenandavismusic

art by Vlad (


Samuel Green

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Serioso and SB Da King

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MR.VIKZ and RJ Beats

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Florence the Infinite

BEAM! (Prod by Negative) – Florence the Infinite

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Temporary Whatever/Busdriverse

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Other References

Paul George Broken Ankles –