Friday Jam Sessions Track Cover

View on Mobile (IOS and Android):

Works well on IOS, Safari, and Android devices.
[s3bubbleHlsVideoJs bucket=”memo310-hls-content” track=”September-Mix-Pt-2_full/encoded-19-09-2016-17-06-52/encoded-19-09-2016-17-06-52.m3u8″ aspect=”16:9″ autoplay=”false” advert_link=”” disable_skip=”false” /]

Alternative Video Live Stream (Web and Mobile):

If the first option is not working, playing the video with this alternative viewer should work. This is using a live stream embed (although the video is currently not live). Has known issues in some browsers like firefox, but a great alternative for mobile and web viewing.
[s3bubbleLiveStreamMedia rtmp=”” stream=”″ aspect=”16:9″ autoplay=”false” comments=”” fblike=”false” /]

Cross Browser Compatibility (Progressive Mp4):

This is a progressive .mp4 file and should load on any device or desktop computer that can play video files. Has the best quality of the bunch, but file size is large and buffers often on a slow connection. Use this option if you are using Firefox.
[s3bubbleVideoSingleJs bucket=”memo310-hls-content” track=”September Mix Pt 2_reduced.mp4″ aspect=”16:9″ autoplay=”false” download=”false” cloudfront=”E16GLNKL3PVHMY” advert_link=”” disable_skip=”false” /]


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