True to Self by Bryson Tiller Album Cover

Listen to Bryson Tiller’s new album “True to Self” right here. Bryson posted on his Twitter page that he wasn’t waiting until June 23rd to drop his 2nd studio album.

Bryson hasn’t listed any guest features on his tracklist…taking a page out of J.Cole’s notebook. But social media is buzzing after hot artists like Young Thug and Travis Scott shouted out Tiller in the past few days.

Either way, it still feels good to have an artist MOVE UP a release date.

I mean who wants to wait to hear these new bangers!? Download the full album from Baidu here: Download True to Self – Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller surprises his fans by releasing his sophomore album True to Self a whole month early. Originally set to drop June 23, the 19-track set was quietly released on Thursday evening. Led by the single “Somethin Tells Me,” the follow-up to 2015’s Trapsoul finds Tiller flexing his vocal chops and MC skills on tracks like “Blowing Smoke,” “Self-Made,” and the Travis Scott-approved “Don’t Get Too High.” – via

Check out the album tracklist below:

True to Self Tracklist

1. “Rain On Me”
2. “No Longer Friends”
3. “Don’t Get Too High”
4. “Blowing Smoke”
5. “We Both Know”
6. “You Got It”
7. “In Check”
8. “Self-Made”
9. “Run Me Dry”
10. “High Stakes”
11. “Rain Interlude”
12. “Teach Me A Lesson”
13. “Stay Blessed”
14. “Money Problems/Benz Truck”
15. “Set It Off”
16. “Nevermind This Interlude”
17. “Before You Judge”
18. “Somethin Tells Me”
19. “Always”

As you can see, Bryson didn’t include any features on the tracklist. Listen for yourself and be sure to leave your comments below and shout out where you heard the album first. #Spotify all day.

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