I just posted a new track on #Soundcloud. Check out O Ma Femme (Remix) –Wilow Amsgood ft. Entek Grems, and MEEM.O below:

Snippet of Lyrics



Goddamn I spent a night? What the hell am I doing up in here? I need to get out of this quick. These b*tches going to take all my money. What she got an Audi though?

Verse 1

Little too much of the 40%, one too many and I’m feeling lit. Waking up next to a porno star, red little panties and tatted star. Dreaming bout that days I was missing you, let alone the days I was kissing you. Gave it up all for this missing booth, no sound protect just yeti blue.

I gave it all, for a porno star. Gave it all for a porno star.

Too many women in this neighborhood, text you all day yeah they wish you would. Leave me alone yeah I wish you would, cuz I seen you with my cousin up in Inglewood. You still rolling round in your Audi coup, the backseat filled with those ramen soups, looking for the next roof over your head, You rolling up on me like I got your bread (yo).

I got goons outside (yo)

Yea they up for a ride (yo)

Got to get it if you want it, fuck for a buck if you want it.

Just leave me alone though,my girl check my phone though, for every little message that I’m on though. I got no time for the drama pro-bono.