Check out my #SoGoneChallenge below. I saw the trend on Twitter and Instagram and decided to take a shot at it. I wrote my quick freestyle and had Summer take a quick snippet of me with her camera. See the video below.


#SoGoneChallenge Video


Song Lyrics

Spending all my time dreaming bout your touch, till I finally got the confidence to get right up (and get your number). Really have to admit tho it wasn’t easy cuz my English wasn’t too good, your Chinglish was either. But then it happened, we spent our whole day chilling in Cheonan, we watched the purge and drank some fuel all night long. Rodney told me come on and tested me, cuz that Chinese jet fuel will be the death of me.

Flashback to the days at EZs all that kiwi soju drinking goddamn it was sleazy. Kicking it in the lobby making raps to ringtones and watching all the people staying up for them singalongs. (Was the life) 

But I still remember days of heartbreak when I walked to your taxi parked right at the gate. I thought I wouldn’t see you again (again). We had our last kiss and Back to China you went. 

I was so gone from stress but so I tried to keep in touch via text.  Texted you late night until I ran outta battery. You finally caught the flight to LA to see me.

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