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I recently saw the video of the 2016 XXL Freshman spitting freestyles to instrumentals on a recent video. This most of been the most disappointing group of performers I have ever seen in the lineup. Now believe me, all of these guys are making bangers. Yes. But when you are seen as the face of hip-hop, you need to be able to murder this session. Denzel Curry spit some flames, but the rest of the lineup was downright garbage. But this is coming from a 90s baby right?

Either way, I decided to have my own freestyle session and spit my thoughts about this age of new rappers coming out. I even transcribed the lyrics for you guys who prefer to read instead of listen. Check it out below.


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Snippet of Lyrics

We trapping for good, *1 call me the man, reflect on the lies I told as a little trap lord in the sand. My ambitions were different, alternative mission. I was focused on priming this mental, with sick ass instrumentals…from the Tupacs and Biggies from back in my day.

I grew up in the 90s when these fake ass rappers were stuck in their cage. Mumbling like they in diapers. Double XL and Cyphers. I guess this new age life (x2).

15 tracks on the album but platinum isn’t righteous. I’m talking about the Kodak Blacks and Yachtys teaching garbage. We bumpin Nas back in my day, we spoke about the truth not focused on the loose lipped gooses with no juice we kept our focus. 

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