Tapedeck 2016 features a mix of backroom freestyles and jazzy beats from the artists M.T.S.D., G.I.B.H., SB Tha King, Serioso, Tru$ky and MEEM.O. Originally released in April, the extended version includes remastered versions of each song along with 3 bonus tracks.

See the 50-50 Freestyle Music Video: in HD: www.memo310.com/music/50-50-freestyle-music-video/

10 Tapedeck Side B not included in this album, you can listen to the track at MEMO310.com:www.memo310.com/music/tapedeck-side-b/. This playlist is 30 minute mix from the album and features a mix of old school hits and on the spot vocals.


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Want to Hear the Original Album?

You can see it on Quiksnip’s Soundcloud page here: https://soundcloud.com/quiksnip/sets/tapedeck-dj-wtfit