With all the time in the world until my next engagement, I decided to test out a genre and create a Trapping in Seoul series. Basically, I will scrape the internet for hot beats and give it my one-take freestyle. You can hear my first go in the Youtube video below. After about a week or so, I started to hear some of the problems with my delivery and sound so I cleaned up part of the track as you can hear in my Soundcloud version. Check out the song below and leave your comments in the box below. Any pointers or feedback will be well appreciated! This is track 1 of a 5 part series, so subscribe to my newsletter to get an update when a new track is released.


Trapping in Seoul Pt. 1 on Soundcloud


The above song is a remade/revamped version of my previous track. Basically, I turned a simple freestyle (see video below) into a song. I was able to capture the best parts and mix in a hook. Add a little reverb and the track was golden. Can you hear the differences?


Original Track on Youtube


Do you see the improvement? Leave them in the comments below.