Soulja boy promises lil yachty diss track
Lil Yachty Diss Track?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last week, you should’ve seen the Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty beef that absolutely blew up on social media. Seriously what happened? Soulja Boy went off on Yachty on Snapchat even claiming that he will “beat his ass” the next time they met. He even claims to be ready to drop a Lil Yachty diss track. Where is it?

“Soulja Boy has doubled down on his attacks on Lil Yachty today (October 30) in a beef that involves goons, guns, girls and a flame war on Instagram between boat-emoji-posting Yachty fans and shit-emoji-posting Soulja Boy supporters.

“Everybody go put the shit emoji on Lil Yachty page and I’ma follow you back. He called me last night trying to squash the beef crying and shit on the phone. I’ma leak the video today when I drop the diss song,” the 26-year-old rapper posted on IG.” – HipHop DX

The cause of all this problem was due to Instagram model India Love who was apparently right in the middle of this situation. Soulja eventually squashed the beef by letting Yachty know he can have her. hahaha!

It was even claimed that Yachty called Soulja Boy out during one of his concerts. Those rumors are probably true considering he was seen wearing this cheap white tee.

Regardless of all the back in forth on social media, most of the hip hop community was just laughing at this beef. 21 Savage even posted on his Snapchat that both of these dudes were looking ridiculous. Eventually the beef just ended and it seems that both rappers are in good standing with each other.

At the end of the day, I just want to hear this Lil Yachty diss track Soulja said he was going to release.