1st game of the 2016 NFL season! I have been watching updates on my phone and Facebook, so I’m just jumping on to play by play in the 4th. 

Players of the Game/Game Balls

Trevor Sieman, CJ Anderson, and Demarcus Ware

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Play by Play Update



4th Quarter Start

Siemian to CJ Anderson on the screen play. He fakes the entire defense! TOUCHDOWN DENVER. 13-17

Extra kick to make it 14-17

Carolina gets the ball back on the kickoff. Its a touchback.

Carolina lines up on offense. Cam newton in the shotgun drops back for a pass. INTERCEPTION!!! Broncos get the ball back in great territory!

CJ Anderson gets back to back handoffs. He has 15 rushes in the game and is really leading this Denver offense. 3rd and 1.
Siemian fakes the draw, he keeps it and runs for the 1st down. Carolina aren’t respecting this man’s athleticism. Gary Kubiak continues to run right at the Carolina lineman. They are looking exhausted and getting pushed around by the Denver line.

Siemian on 2nd and 7 drops back and zips a bullet to the middle to Demaryius Thomas. He takes a big hit! ALMOST intercepted but it drops for an incompletion. Siemian drops back again and throws a quick pass to Emmanuel Sanders for a first down. The refs placed the ball in a good spot and Denver gets the first down. Carolina calls a timeout before the Broncos can run their next play. Ron Rivera thinking about challenging.

Ron Rivera has his coordinators take a closer look and he is now challenging the spot of the play. This will give Denver a 4th and short if he wins.

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After review, the ruling on the field has been changed. He did not pass the 1st down marker and it will be 4th and short.Will Denver go for it? Yes they will.

The Broncos are on the 3, what are they going to do! CJ Anderson takes the run up the gut, he cuts back to the left….HE LOOKS SHORT, number 73 from the offensive line gives him a GOOD PUSH and the Broncos have the 1st down. Wait, the refs are bringing the sticks out for an official measurement. BRONCOS  HAVE A FIRST DOWN!

1st and goal, Sieman runs a fake to CJ Anderson and he has Virgil Green wide open in the back of the end zone. THROWN TOO LOW! Tipped by Tony Eli and almost intercepted. That was close.

Denver runs another play for CJ Anderson and he cant get into the end zone. Carolina showing a great stand at the goal line. 3rd and goal. And Siemian takes a timeout. That’s Denver’s first charged timeout. Wow. The suspense factor is EXTREME right now.

Denver has 2 plays to get a touchdown or they can play it safe and take the field goal. With Cam Newton a little shaken up from earlier, I think the Broncos can afford to take their chances.

Denver is back on the field and they are in the shotgun formation. They run it up the gut with CJ Anderson AND HES IN FOR THE TOUCHDOWN! Extra point is good by McManus and the Broncos go up 21-17.


Here is crunch time. Can Cam lead the Panthers down the field to take the lead? Or will the Broncos defense hold him?

The Carolina offense on the field in the shotgun formation, they run an option play and Cam keeps it for 5 yards. Chris Harris goes off the field. Jonathan Stewart gets a handoff to the left and runs for 3 yards. 3rd and 2.

Cam Newton throws for a first down, but there’s a flag on the play. Greg Olson looks mad, so it must be a penalty on him. NO FLAG FOR OFFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE. I guess Greg made a great case to the refs. 1st down for Carolina at the 44-yard line.

Johnathan Stewart gets the ball and picks up 2-3 yards. They are leaving Von Miller unblocked and running away from his side. 2nd and 7.

Cam Newton drops back and finds Greg Olson for 14-15 years. FLAG Illegal contact on Bradley Roby. Penalty is declined. First Down Carolina.

Cam drops back again and finds Greg Olson for another 12 yard gain. The D-Line gave Newton almost 5 seconds to get that throw off. 1st down Carolina.

Cam takes another option run with Tolbert leading the way. He picks up 4 yards.

Stewart takes a handoff from Newton up the gut and picks up 1-2 yards. 3rd and 5.

Carolina has extra blockers on this play. Newton drops back and has time, the pocket collapses and he throws a bullet. Aquib Talib with a DIVING breakup of the pass. 4th down. Carolina brings out the field goal team. Carolina makes the Field goal to make it 21-20. 

This game is intense. Both defenses are giving up big plays, but taking stands when in the red zone. The game continues with the kickoff. Its a touchback.

Denver comes out to the field. Siemian drop backs for a quick out to Demaryius Thomas, incomplete.

CJ Anderson gets a handoff and looks stuffed by the defense, but he holds a stiff arm and pushes forward for 3 yards. Siemian drops back for the pass and is waiting too long and tries to scramble left, he goes down for a 10-yard sack. 3:17 left on the clock. 4th and 17. Carolina calls a timeout.

Dixon punts to Ted Ginn, but it’s a short punt. Good job Rook! The punt bounces once and touched by Denver. A flag is thrown. The refs have been talking for a long time. THERE IS NO FOUL FOR HOLDING. There is a bunch of random no foul penalties being thrown out. The ref announces it with a disgruntled voice. TV Timeout.

*Sully commercial comes on. I guess Tim Hanks is in a bunch of trouble traveling again. Out tomorrow. Patriots vs Cardinals SNF is shown.*

Carolina is back on the field. And it looks like a false start by Kelvin Benjamin. The Denver defense is jumping widely. The video shows 2 players from Carolina flinched. 5 yard penalty on Carolina.

Cam Newton drops back for the pass and his pocket collapses. Denver sends 8 guys to get Cam. The blitz results in a 4-yard sack.

Cam drops back and scrambles to the left, he dodges a couple Denver players and TAKES A SHOT before running out of bounds. He stood tal, but is yelling at the refs about the hit.

Newton drops back for another pass and Von Miller is UNBLOCKED, nowhere for Cam to go, he finally gets his first sack of the game…of the year. 4th down Carolina.

4th and 21 and Carolina is going for it. They have all of the large receivers placed to the right. Cam drops back and delivers a pass to Kelvin Benjamin and its incomplete. THERES A FLAG! ILLEGAL HANDS TO THE FACE ON CHRIS HARRIS. Automatic first down for Carolina, WOW!

1st down for Carolina and Tolbert runs it up the middle for 5 yards.

Cam Newton drops back for the pass and Barrett nearly gets the sack but Cam gets the pass off. Carolina looking to get into field goal range.

The Panthers are slow to get out the huddle and the play clock is counting down. 4…3…2..CAM CALLS A TIMEOUT. That is Carolina’s last timeout and it was oddly taken.

3rd and 5. Cam drops back and hits Greg Olson on a cross for a first down. From the 47, Cam drops back and is looking for a receiver. He zips one in double coverage and its almost intercepted by Chris Harris.

2nd and 10 and Newton drops back for a pass. He scrambles to the left and Barrett DELIVERS A HUGE HIT! This could be called a penalty for a helmet to helmet hit. Yep there is a flag. Cam is slow to get up. He looked out of it for about 3 seconds.

FOULS BY BOTH TEAMS. Roughing the passer is called on Denver, Intentional grounding is called on Carolina. Both penalties offset and Denver escapes losing field position. Cam is still in the game after the hit.

Cam drops back for a pass and has all of the time in the world. He has Greg Olson open with man coverage on him. He overthrows Olson for an incompletion. 3rd and 10.

Cam Newton drops back and finds his man in the middle of the field for the 1st down. He gets the team back to the line to spikes the ball. Clock is stopped at 0:14.

They will run one more play. Cam drops back and hits Ted Ginn on a cross out which is COMPLETE. Carolina has now made it a 50-yard field goal after the completion. There is an official review of the catch. In Mile High this is an easy kick for an accurate kicker. Geno Graham is one of the best in the business. The play is confirmed and now he now has a 50 yarder to make. 0:09.

Carolina lines up to kick and Denver calls a timeout to ice the special teams unit. The field goal went in on the dead play.

Both teams line up again for the kick. THE KICK IS NO GOOD!!! IT WENT WIDE LEFT! The game is OVER! Denver overcomes a 10 point deficit and wins the game 21-20. Trevor Siemian comes in never throwing a pass in a game and gets his first win by a thread. Cam Newton is shown on screen pissed.

That kicker is going to get some heat for missing that one. Great win Bronco Nation!!