If I am a general manager and a rookie requests 85% of his contract money be paid upfront…you’ll be traded on the spot. Joey Bosa has held out the entire preseason and training camp in order to get more upfront money for his rookie contract. Are you serious?? You were the 3rd overall pick and a talented defensive end, but if you’re requesting all of this money now…I assume only bad things are to come afterward. It makes since for the San Diego Chargers to pull their contract offer.

Would You Trust A Rookie With That Kind of Money?

Joey Bosa could have a breakthrough rookie season like RG3 did, or he can have a subpar mediocre year like most rookies do. I expect the lather. Why? Because he hasn’t been practicing with the team more building chemistry with the coaches around him. They say football is all talent and Bosa can easily step in and make an impact on the line. Well that may be true because the Chargers have a D-Grade defensive line compared to my Broncos. But on any other occasion this dude does not have the top tier experience to be a guaranteed money type of guy.

I understand his agents are working tirelessly to get him paid, but that’s probably because he has a high bust factor. Until I see Joey Bosa in the trenches with high caliber competition, I wouldn’t pay him nearly that much guaranteed money.

The Chargers are making a bold move by calling off contract talks, but since Bosa cannot sign with another team until the 2017 draft, he’s only hurting himself (and his reputation). This story was originally reported by ESPN. Read the full article here:


JOEY BUSA HAS BEEN SIGNED BY THE SAN DIEGO CHARGERS. He received a record 85% of his contract via a signing bonus (apx. $17 Million) and will report to Chargers camp this week.