Kobe is a Goon: Clutch Shots and Trash Talking at Memo310

Kobe has not made a single clutch shot in the final 5 seconds of a game since 2013. Thirteen straight missed clutch shots when the game has been on the line. That is BRICK after BRICK after BRICK from the Mamba. But it didn’t always use to be like that. Even though Kobe is just a 30% clutch shooter (with 30 seconds or less left in a game), we will forever remember him for draining the clutch shots that actually mattered.


Walk the Walk

Only Kobe would trash talk at the free throw line with 04.8 seconds left in the game. Gerald Wallace has been getting cooked all game and tries one last effort to phase the mamba, to no avail. Kobe even bet 500 grand he would make this free throw to put the Lakers up by 3. See what happens below:

Another clutch free throw from Bryant and another W for the Lakers. Only problem is, this was during the Gasol era. Too bad its all over.

Will we see Kobe making more clutch shots overseas?

Or will we be seeing Kobe’s Space shoes make a comeback?


Kobe Space Shoes
I can’t believe I rocked a pair of these in ’01

FYI I am a supreme Laker Hater.